What is a Roof Anchors for Fall Protection System?

A fall protection anchor acts as a base to attach your retractable or lanyard to when you’re working high. The anchor is attached to a structural member that’s capable of supporting 5,000 lbs, and if it isn’t securely installed, you may be making a hasty return to the ground.

Safety anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system. Fall protection anchor points are usually installed on the roof and are used to connect lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-off which prevent a worker from falling. Roof anchors can be as modest as a D-ring linking or as intricate as a complete lifeline system.

Your fall protection gear is only as good as the fall arrest anchor it's attached to. CAI Safety Systems Fall Protection offers a complete selection of temporary and permanent anchorage connectors. Intended to deliver a protected point of attachment, fall arrest anchor are recognized by what they connect to. Our safety anchors include steel anchors, concrete anchors, roof anchors and specialty safety anchors like our vacuum mount or other systems designed for your unique applications. 

We provide a good vary of rigid, tip-over vogue, and transferrable fall protection anchor points to satisfy the requirements of various industries and applications. Single purpose anchors are price effective and simple to use, creating them a perfect fall protection solution for clearly selected work areas within which a good vary of motion isn't needed. CAI Safety Systems Fall Protection provides observe designed and pre-engineered fall protection anchors to satisfy your specific desires and budget.

Experts in Roof Fall Arrest

As the industry leader, CAI Safety Systems is acknowledged as the only true turnkey provider of innovative fall arrest solutions. We set the standard for fall arrest capability, quality and efficiency.

Roof Anchors for Fall Protection and Facade Access

Cost effective and tested, roof anchors are used for fall protection and a good vary of suspended access applications. The roof anchor offers a faultless fall protection anchor for rope descent systems where specific use and height restrictions apply and where employees are operating suspended roof high-powered platforms and self-powered platforms on permanently put in davits and temporary rigging equipment, or anyplace leading-edge hazards exist.

Roof Anchor Effectiveness

Our anchor system provides a perfect safety solution once any of the subsequent are needed:

• Lifeline anchorage for employees operating on self-powered or roof high-powered platforms and stages.


• Fall protection anchor where forefront hazards exist

• Rooftop tieback anchor for temporary rigging equipment

• Rope descent system anchor where specific use and height restrictions apply
Consuming an CAI Safety Systems roof anchor system for rooftop and building preservation provides multiple benefits together with the following:

Proven Design — We have thousands of installations worldwide.

Cost Effective — CAI Safety Systems roof tieback anchors are an economical choice compared to many alternative solutions without sacrificing safety.

Simple to Use — The simple design of our roof tie back anchors result in increased productivity.