Importance of Guardrail Systems and Applications

Did you know that the fall from an unprotected loading dock or construction rooftop can lead to serious injury or death? Utilizing or installing fall protection systems on site can protect the employees and guarantee their safety during work. Fall protection systems, arrest systems, and guardrail system are installed based on the need for the project at hand. Falls from the height especially roofs are deadly. It is better to take precautions and install a good roof fall protection system in advance. Guardrails are better than restraint mechanisms and fall arrest equipment to prevent fall of personnel working on the roof.

Guardrail System

Guardrail systems work as barricades between workers and hazard zone. Portable guardrails systems are best installed near on-site construction works which are easy to use. They help workers by giving protection without any training or protection gear. Installation of high-quality guardrail systems is a cost-effective solution for any organization if you are looking for long-term protection. The pros of using Guardrail system are easy installation and dismantling. They are light-weight in nature and durable. Welding is not required during installation. They can be installed anywhere like rooftops, balconies, and stairs. They require zero maintenance and safety training classes.

Roof Guardrail is one of the horizontal lifeline safety measures used to prevent workers from falls and injuries. Portable Guardrail can be used for low slope and commercial flat roof buildings without the need for penetration of rails into the roof. Improperly installed guardrails which do not meet standards are hazardous and make the workers vulnerable to accidents. A building should have a guardrail if it has an accessible roof, steps or working platforms. Guardrails should meet IBC and OSHA standards and should be in compliance with their requirements regarding the strength of railings.

The structural load capacity of the guardrail defines its strength. A minimum of 200lb strength must be resisted by the guardrail at all conditions. Permanent guardrail system have to be installed for commercial or residential buildings with an accessible roof as a safety precaution. Temporary or portable systems are installed at the edge of roofs or high surfaces in a construction site to minimize risk.